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December 08, 2006


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Nice one. I like your abstraction, in particular the notion that enterprise follows consumer. Could the reverse also be true? Could enterprise apps and architectures, in particular storage, archiving and the like, migrate to consumers? How else to store, backup, archive, etc, etc, all those pictures of the dog and grandma and home movies of you taking a baby bath? Not to mention all the music you ripped in college and your Will Farrell DVD collection?

Thomas Otter

Trackback seems not to be tracking back.
Your post got me thinking on the simplicity theme.


Niel Robertson

Thanks for the kind words folks. I found another one today:


Rahul Pathak


As always you're up to interesting stuff. Enjoy reading your blog.



Thomas Otter

I do enjoy your posts. I wish you did more of them.

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