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October 26, 2006



I am currently working on an PeopleSoft upgrade project with a client.

The client that I'm involved with has invested a huge amount of money in Change Management and Quality processes. Whenever a issue is raised or an enhancement is requested the support personnel must follow rigid standards.

Inspite of all these processes in place its rather amusing to look at people running around to get a hold on their customizations.

Change Management has helped people in maintaining their current system. But the higher goal, helping the customer prepare for his upgrade is not yet completely satifised.

Today's changement applications place a lot of focus on the technical front! Instead it would be good to know why each customized object has customization in the first place ie from the process perspective. Hence change management must require not just a level of approval from the functional user, but also a functional design which must be attached to these custom objects.

I'm not sure what extent of these have been achieved by change management today - When I ask somebody why a particular customization was made they direct me to some Numbers being tracked by the Change Management - I cannot do it as I have atleast 50,000 objects to worry about, but the reality could be instead of blaming the ERPs architechture it is time for us to to look at Change Management as another stack which still has to mature. My personal feeling - ERP applications have matured over a period of time and so will change management applications.

Any thoughts?

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