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August 25, 2006



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Jim Plamondon

To paraphrase Clinton, "it's the developers, stupid."

The XBox is just a channel through which games are delivered to the consumer. Microsoft's job is to make the XBox the most profitable channel for game developers -- and the most enjoyable to develop for, too, because it's never ALL about the money. Big surprise, Microsoft is good at its job. (Hi, guys!)

One can generalize this concept easily beyond game platforms. Consider YouTube, for example. Some random guy in Korea -- no one you would have otherwise heard of -- is now regarded as a guitar-playing legend because of his remarkable performance of Pachelbel's Canon in D (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Sl8sZuT-U). His video has been seen over eight million times on YouTube and Google Video, and now that he's been covered in the New York Times and NPR, his hits are going through the roof. YouTube is just a channel for the delivery of content, by which funtwo has become famous.

But this notion goes deeper. Imagine that you were trying to launch a new electronic musical instrument (e.g., www.thummer.com). A musical instrument, too, is just a platform for artistry. You could spend a fortune advertising your new instrument -- trying to cram it through the traditional retail distribution channel, for example -- but why not leverage the Net, instead?

If you could sell it cheap enough to be an impulse buy, and yet deliver all sorts of new creative opportunities to musicians, then you could "let a thousand funtwo's bloom" -- a commercialization strategy that would not have been possible before the Inernet.

While the demand for such a new instrument would be geographically thin at first, the Internet could aggregate that demand globally, allowing the new instrument to be sold profitably at unit volumes much lower than those required pre-Internet. The result? A potential "niche-buster" -- driven by the videos of self-motivated individuals, shared with the world.

Because it's the music, stupid!

Jim Plamondon
CEO, Thumtronics Ltd

james governor

kathy sierra did some great work calling this a "wake" - like a boat pulling through the water - with all the additional activities being the churn in the waves and so on. http://www.redmonk.com/jgovernor/archives/000534.html


The whole world hates MS - However, they all know MS is the best.

Taking PCs to every home as been achieved, the next obvious thing is taking gaming to every home.

Time to invest (again) in MS.

"If the folks at Sony and Nintendo miss the cluetrain this time, shame on them!"

I like that qoute

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