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July 04, 2006


Niel Robertson

I found another interesting article relating to this. It appears Google's share of the blog search market is very small (3%) compared to Technorati. Just another data point that says Google's got a very weak flank when it comes to web 2.0 discovery.


Rishi Khaitan

While Y! has made some great acquisitions in the tagging space, they have yet to bring them to the masses. Flickr's userbase pales in comparison to Y! Photos and the average Y! user has no idea what del.icio.us is or why they should use it.

I'm waiting for Y! to marry del.icio.us with their search engine. Instead they seem to be pushing MyWeb which is interesting but, again, is not being aimed at the mainstream user.

If Y! really wants to push discovery through folksonomy then they will need to be more aggressive about exposing their mainstream users to it. IMO, they should start asap because they can't just flick a switch; it will be a shift which could easily take a couple of years or more.

james governor

yet more great stuff. i love the way you can talk oracle SOA and yahoo 2.0 in the same breath

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