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May 05, 2006



I have discovered your blog today and I love it!! You make very beautifull things and your tutorials are very good. I will add your blog to my list. Congratulations for your works!!

Niel Robertson

I ask a few of the same questions every time i give this presentation (I give it at a lot of PeopleSoft RUGs (Regional User Groups) as well. Here are the questions and the very consistent responses:

Q: How many people have heard of 3rd party maintenance providers (e.g. TomorrowNow, Rimini Street)?

A: Only about 25% but this number grows about 10% every time I give a talk (once a month or so).

Q: How many people are on Oracle databases?

A: <50% always (some of this is skewed if JDE customers are in the room)

Q: How many people know Oracle Fusion toolset is a new toolset and won't support their existing toolset?

A: <25%. This one always surprises me. People are not really keyed into what't going on very well yet.

In addition, I definitely feel like the majority of the customer base was happy with the Applications Unlimited announcement as it defers their need to make a decision for a few years and still gives them comfort they have not invested in legacy-ware.

vinnie mirchandani

how big an audience did you have and any feedback which of your pathsthey were looking at?

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