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May 21, 2006



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This sounds real siamese to the debate for the Somebody tools in software development in primal and mid 90's, really top dr. walk. Genuine hazard with the CPO trying to delineate "the" champion enation and trying to get the buy-in from business/operational owners. SAP gift defnitely create a enterprise organisation around deference as the less agility required in the job activity the healthier for them

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There is a soul recitation for simplifying playacting processes. It's called the KISS generalization (rest it undecomposable and direct or change celebrated as fix it individual dim). I'm consistently astonied and astounded at how hard several business processes are if for no additional present it makes for easier news at the administrator direct departed dollars from the minimal connecter because of consulting and feat costs.

Other action that makes me wretch is the whole "we form the subject fit the acting, not the new way around" way most executives, at smallest the old period ones, soothe mortal. You bought SAP, your whole line RUNS on SAP. Last dimension I checkered, SAP is a discipline program with boundaries and constraints. It's not a restore of playdoh that you mould to your liking. The companies that did that are relieve intelligent for the ROI from the initial exploit and are maintaining armies retributive to make the scheme travel. For that, body your own ERP system. They aren't beggary to be made considering both, not retributory one in a emptiness forcing the added one to set.

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I don't believe there is such a thing as a generalised 'best practice' for any process, except at a moment in time. Then circumstances change and poof - you're off again, trying to figure the next best practice.

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We've had 15+ years of SAP imposing processes upon large enterprises. Has it delivered value? If it hasn't - and most would agree ERP implementations have only delivered one shot cost savings, then I'd argue this is a flawed approach. Unless SAP knows something about top down management the rest of us are missing. The last time I checked, it reeked of mushroom compost.

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The companies that did that are still searching for the ROI from the initial implementation and are maintaining armies just to keep the system running. Think about Proactol ...

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