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May 31, 2006



I really like Jeff Nolan, but it takes forever for him to blog on a topic! So, I read about this group from a post of his and decide that I like the mix of views. I created a
Daily Blog News Edition for the Irregulars, share amongst yourselves!


An interesting metaphor though we may as a group want to also consider some type of quadrant as folks are conditioned that things in the upper right are good and things in the lower left are bad. One issue I see with this design is that there is no “good vs evil” view or perspective. Is that something that we want or just be neutral? (Sounds stupid, yes, but 11 years with Gartner does things to you.)

One thing that is also missing here is any type of time line for things that already exist but are in different stages of their life cycle. It appears to me that this structure is useful for looking at things as they enter a launch or introduction phase in the market but what happens afterwards? Perhaps an extension so what you have is a series of overlapping figure 8’s that go from hype, strategy, reality to pilots, mainstream, mature (don’t know if those are the right words, but you know what I mean).

Also if the size of the bubble is its interest, then perhaps its position to the left or right of center is indicative of whether it is buyer or seller driven. This actually works for your structure as when things become “real” there is a much higher degree of buyer-seller alignment than there is when things are hype.

Dennis Howlett

Not sure whether this is inadvertent or deliberate but it's a reflection of a phrase a friend of mine uses 'blogocircle.'

Nothing on analytics?

Cam Crosbie

I like the idea. Just wondering if there is anything to the positioning of the various bubbles within the diagram. Eg why is CPO where it is vis-a-vis Acquisitions - both are in the hype space, but at other ends of the overall picture.

Is this intended to have an SAP focus only?

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