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May 18, 2006


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PeopleSoft Questions and Answers

Dennis Howlett

Good for you!

Yep - that's the Henning I remember. I find that if you ask a straight question and if it is a good one, you'll get a very clear and precise answer. Even if it's 'I don't know.' and he's always gracious.

That's how I remember him dealing with my questions about the fiasco of mySDAP.com in the early days.

Funnily enough, they were in pretty much identical circumstances.


Given the choice, I think I'd rather belly-up-to-the-bar with Sig (http://thingamy.typepad.com/) over Hasso, Henning, or Shai. I mean they all seem like nice chaps, very intelligent and all - they are just stuck with a beast. Of course, I would leave a bar that Larry was at.


You give a good overview of the vibe. Thanks from those of us who aren't there.

The research versus opinion debate you mention as an SAP concern is valid.

However, only in theory would I ever say that the press, consultants and analysts only write research based findings. Many of them are guided by opinion (or initial hypothesis) and then wrap that in research. What bloggers do is really not that different.

The difference with some blogging is the conversational aspect. I can tell you in comments what I think about your posts. And the good bloggers will respond. Not to mention other readers will comment in as well.

However, there isn't a feedback mechanism to comment on the research from Mckinsey, BCG, Bain, etc. It is to be taken as gospel.

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