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March 19, 2006



Awesome post! please keep up the great work i would love to hear more like this.


I believe that the future of blogging will become increasingly dependent on music, video and multi-media enhancements. Saying something is one thing. Music and the arts take that "something" and make it more interesting and entertaining. I'm looking forward to a blog future that is much more than words. I'm looking forward to a:

Future to Behold
words and music by Dr BLT (c) 2007

Charles Zedlewski

I recall our conversation over dinner about the desire to do blogs that are a little more thoughtful and more analytical than your standard blog entries.

I've also come to realize why the most frequently read bloggers post pithy stuff 2-3 times per day verus chunky entries every week or two. The immediately topical stuff gets a ton more hits and spurs one's desire to "feed the beast."

I can't move to a frequent blog because the time commitments of my day job prevent it, but I'm sympathetic to the reasons for the transition.

Best of luck with both formats.

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