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January 19, 2006


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It's really not fair to list this one because the site I'm referring to is still in development. It should launch in the next few weeks. I list it because it's going to be very "top 5" worthy when it launches.

Michael S. Cann Jr.

Just came across this now, nearly four years after you wrote it. Until now I had not done much serious and structured thinking into explaining this phenomenon, but you have pieced it together well.

Chris Law

Terrific post. Makes me wonder if our company shouldn't even bother trying to get early traction and just raise our round early!


We need a new type of Series A investor for Web 2.0


Chris Bauman

So, with the 3 on 3, 4 on 4, .... should a company just accept any offer that is close to this or continue to negotiate for a lower percentage for the VC?

I kin the findraising effort to that of a romance. Contact, dating, courtship, engagement, marriage. Assuming the deal is agreed upon at the engagement and the funding at the marriage, when should the numbers get thrown into the mix? Courtship? Dating?

-Curious & Un-Funded.

Charles Zedlewski

Nice post Niel.

One suggestion. How do you raise $5 million in your series A round? Raise $2.5. If you keep the target size for the round small enough to only accomodate 1 investor, you create a lot more urgency to eventually get 2 investors and grow in the round to $5 million.

The best response I've heard to "who are you talking to?" is "a select number of tier 1 investors who 'get' this space." LOL

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